Aquarium Supplies, Corals, and Aquatic Plants in Rockville, Maryland

Whether you're looking for aquarium supplies, or aquatic plants, Congressional Aquarium, Inc. in Rockville, Maryland, has exactly what you're looking for!

Fresh & Saltwater Fish
Our shop carries a wide range of both freshwater and saltwater fish. The selection includes both common and hard-to-find species. We have more than 25 varieties of live bearers on hand at anytime, from Fancy Guppies to Snow-White Mickey Mouse Moons. Harder-to-find species, like Exotic Plecos, Red Belly Piranhas, African Cichlids, and Gardneri Killies, fill in the remainder of our tanks, which are also the cleanest in town.

In the 400-gallon saltwater section, everything from Green Chromis to Zebra Stripe Moray Eels can be found. Our shop also has at least one shark egg on-hand most of the time. Invertebrate enthusiasts will find everything from Camel Shrimp to Octopi. In either of our 3 reef aquariums, one can find LPS, SPS, and Soft Corals.

For a complete list of freshwater and saltwater fish that can be made available, please visit Sun Pet

Fish, Aquarium Supplies, Aquatic Plants in Rockville, MD
Aquatic Plants, Aquarium Supplies, Aquatic Plants in Rockville, MD

Aquatic Plants
Our aquatic plant section is one of the most extensive in the area. A constant supply of over 20 different species of plants are stocked regularly, such as Java Fern, Bacopa, Giant Indian Red Swords, and Amazon Swords, often measuring more than a foot tall!

Pond Section
Our complete pond section holds numerous types of pond filters, UV sterilizers, liners, and other pond supplies. Koi and Goldfish, while in season, vary from small pond comets to imported Japanese Koi. We carry a number of pond plants, including Hyacinths, Water Lettuce, and many types of Hardy Pond Lillies.

We stock numerous types of food, including over 20 varieties of frozen food. We carry 5 different types of heaters, including a fully-submersible titanium heater that is unbreakable and is perfect for tanks holding large, belligerent cichlids or turtles. Our filter section varies from simple box filters and common outside power filters to different types of canister filters. We even stock hard-to-find items, such as replacement parts, filter cartridges, and R/O units.

Contact us today for more information about our extensive selection of fish and plants.